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Mission & Values


The mission of the Community Dance Ensemble is to bring joy, through dance, wherever needed.  We  inspire a love for the art of dance, foster a fundamental belief in giving back, require respect for self and others, encourage leadership and teamwork by example, and inherently exhibit kindness to all. 


As a member of the CDE, dancers commit to values like Integrity, Noble Leadership, Spreading Joy, Perseverance, Individuality and Teamwork, Respect, and Empathy. These are the characteristics that we believe in and practice as dancers and as members of a team . . . the CDE team.

At the CDE, we aim to I. N. S. P. I. R. E. at all times!  This represents our core value system. 



The Community Dance Ensemble believes that our thoughts, our words, our actions, and our habits make up our character.  Honesty, loyalty, respect, and humility are the foundation of our motivations, our decisions, and our choices. Whether we are on or off the dance floor, our dancers believe that the time is always right to do the right thing.


Noble Leadership

The Community Dance Ensemble is deeply dedicated to nurturing young leaders so that they might inspire others to follow in their footsteps, thereby fostering a company of young artists consistently leading by example and modeling its core values.


Spreading Joy

Happiness, excitement, and joy drive our desire to dance as often as possible in as many places and spaces as possible.  We believe in uplifting our fellow dancers and citizens through the art of dance because, ultimately, our goal is to spread joy.  When music and movement cause people - young and old - to feel happy, excited, and joyous, we believe we have done our jobs. 



Our dancers are inspired by the artistry, the beauty, and the discipline of dance.  We understand that to be successful dancers, we must constantly learn and grow.  We believe that the necessity of repetition and a never-give-up-attitude are keys to our success.   Thus, we believe in ongoing dance education, consistent and precise practice, revision, and self-reflection.  


Individuality & Teamwork

The Community Dance Ensemble believes we can do anything when we do it together. We equally understand that we each bring our individual gifts to the larger effort.  Many skills are cultivated when decisions are made and executed within the group, like learning to communicate effectively and to be good listeners.  We believe we are better dancers, better community members, and better friends when we bring our individual talents and ideas together while rehearsing and performing.



Respect for ourselves and others is essential in everything we do.  To be successful, strong, confident dancers, we recognize that each of us has value and has something worthy to contribute.  We are committed to words, actions, and behaviors that consistently reflect this recognition of our inherent value.



The Community Dance Ensemble is rooted in service to others.  We believe in the fundamental truth that selfless acts of service make for stronger, happier communities.  We seek to understand, to relate to, and to inspire fellow dancers and community members of all generations, all backgrounds, and all abilities.  We understand that connecting with our surrounding communities is not only our responsibility, but that it is a great honor and source of joy.

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